Tie Rod End Function, Failure Symptoms and Replacements

Tie Rod End Purpose on a Car

Are components of the steering system of a vehicle:

Include the outer (A) and the inner ends (B)
Make turning the vehicle possible
Connect the steering rack to the knuckle

Where is the tie rod end on your car?

Learn how to check and do the diagnosis of a bad tie rod end on your car.

Reasons Tie Rod Ends Go Bad

Everyday wear because they are solicited every time the vehicle is steered
Cracked rubber boots that let in moisture and cause corrosion
Lack of lubrication, especially after off-road driving
Damage from severely hitting a curb or pothole
More problematic in heavier applications due to greater loads

Failure Symptoms of a Tie Rod End

Poor front-end wheel alignment that may result in the vehicle “pulling” to one side
Vibration or shaking sensation in the steering wheel
Uneven tire wear due to bad alignment | Tires may need to be replaced prematurely
Inability to steer if all previous symptoms have been ignored over time by the driver


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