Smartly Coated Rotors and Drums

Quieter and longer-lasting

Benefits of Coated Brake Rotors

Smartly coated rotors and drums are the solution for a quieter, longer-lasting brake job.

The G-Coat is an environmentally friendly, chromium-free, water-based coating that acts like a corrosion-resistant barrier between the disc surface and the elements. It preserves the appearance of the rotor and protects its performance by allowing optimal airflow through unobstructed edges and cooling vanes.

Additionally, the uncoated braking surface requires a shorter break-in period while delivering a squeal free braking experience. The Genius line of coated rotors and drums provides corrosion protection where it matters most.

Are Coated Rotors Worth It?

Be Genius

Genius Premium Brake Product lineup offers smartly designed and expertly crafted coated discs and drums that are available for most vehicles on the road today. For a longer-lasting brake job and a quieter braking experience, Genius is the smart choice.

Smartly Designed

Every detail required to produce Genius brake rotors has been meticulously calculated, tested and balanced to deliver the most reliable and consistent braking experience in all conditions.

High-quality G3000 cast iron and superior cooling vanes configuration stand up to the most extreme temperatures.

The combination of precision engineering and advanced smart coat technology ensures uniform wear and corrosion protection for extended durability.

Corrosion inhibiting packaging and no degreasing prior to installation mean they are ready to install out of the box. Flawless rotor from the factory floor to the repair shop workbench.

Over 800 product numbers available. There’s a Genius rotor that fits your vehicle.


GeniusOE means that their configuration matches OE specifications: drilled, slotted, or drilled & slotted rotors

Available in high-end applications such as Mercedes C series, Charger, Corvette, BMW and more.

Transit provides simple solutions

Customizable Sales Tools to help you market Genius products.

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