TMC Shock Absorbers

Motion In Check

This graphic illustrates how shock absorbers work, the compression and rebound cycle when the wheels of a vehicle hit a bump.

Bringing motion-response to the next level


Rough roads are out there. This product will not make them any smoother.

However, TMC shock absorbers will increase your control over your vehicle’s ride and handling in response to unexpected jolts.

TMC shock absorbers maximize braking effectiveness by keeping the vehicle’s tires in contact with the pavement and control all unwanted motion, including bounce, sway, brake dive and acceleration squat.

These high-tech motion dampers adjust dynamically to ensure a quick response at all times. As the piston rod moves up and down in the pressure tube following the compression and extension cycles, the motion of the sprung and unsprung weights of the vehicle is contained, keeping weight transfer in check for your comfort and safety.

TMC shock absorbers offer the best quality for value-based replacements in the aftermarket today.

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High-Quality Expert Suspension Parts

No one likes to fork out money unexpectedly, but when shock absorbers are leaking or bouncy, they should be changed sooner than later.

TMC shocks are an exceptional quality aftermarket option for everyday vehicle use and are easy to install.  Beyond being sturdy and durable, TMC offers coverage for a vast array of applications with many more added each year.

Whether in stop-and-go traffic or grueling off-road conditions, TMC will restore the original ride characteristics of your vehicle.


Keep it handy!

30-95008 Top Quality Loose nut lubricant spray – handy to have around when replacing shocks! Just spray, let it penetrate, and spare yourself some sore muscles later!

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