Advanced rubber shims technology to reduce vibration and brake noise.

Over 700 skus available

-Positive Plus semi-metallic brake pads are the most versatile solution on the market.
-Maximum stopping power and superior friction coefficient in every braking condition.
-Unrivalled low-temperature performance (like those first few stops during our frigid Canadian winters) as well as in high-temperature situations (like stop-and-go traffic).
-Quieter than competitive offerings thanks in part to superior-quality materials such as cashew resin and high graphite content.
-Low compressibility for a firmer brake pedal feeling.
-Metallic content provides high thermal threshold which reduces fading.
-Superior heat dispersal at centre of braking system when coupled with drilled and slotted rotors.
-Best choice for heavy-duty applications and towing for trucks and SUVs.

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Sales Tools

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