Transit, its President Stéphan Guay, and its employees have been actively involved with various organizations for several years. With a desire to further engage in its community, the company has established a committee whose mission is to mobilize and encourage all Transit employees to share, be generous, and give back. Transit and its team aim to get involved by supporting causes and organizations working towards health, education, and nutrition.

Donated in 2023


$87,505 donated in 2023

contributed to various organizations in the fields of health, education, and nutrition through multiple philanthropic initiatives.

from employee donations, deducted from their payroll, was allocated to organizations of their choice.

was also donated to the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis Foundation thanks to our friends and partners who generously gave to the cause during our traditional 5@7 golf event.
Our commitment aims to have a positive and tangible impact in these key sectors for individual and community well-being.


The Transit team is proud to support the community through partnerships with athletes and events, promoting a collective vision centered around physical, mental, and community well-being. These actions positively strengthen the essential ties at the core of our social commitment.


At Transit, we believe in our responsibility to the community. By contributing to local initiatives, supporting causes close to our hearts, and sharing our resources, we aim to be a driver of positive change.

Members of the committee

In the photo, from left to right: Mathias Soucy-Paquet, Alexandre Desrochers, Rachel Leblanc, Gabrielle Thibault, Stephan Guay, and Normen Dion.


Do you wish to submit a donation request for your organization for the upcoming year? We would be delighted to review your request!

Simply fill out this form, and a member of our committee will contact you shortly to discuss it further!