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Kugel offers an All-in-one solution

torque bearing units

Precise torque specifications

Installing bearing units with the appropriate torque prevents noise-causing damage. Kugel provides an application-specific torque specs sheet, when required.

 Why Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly Torque specs are so important

brinellage bearing units

Extra Resistant to Impacts

Heavy impacts can cause indentations on the inner rings of a bearing. Kugel Bearings have robust inner raceways made of heat-treated AISI 52100 steel to resist binelling.

Kugel Bearing units

1. High-quality molybdenum grease

to ease rolling resistance

2. Multi-lip seals made with nitrile rubber (NBR)

to protect inner components from contaminants

3. Inner race made of heat-treated AISI 52100 steel

high-carbon steel for high tensile strength

4. Maximum capacity balls

to effectively support axial and radial loads

5. Chamfered Ring

Kugel bearing units box

Meet the automotive industry

IATF 16949 quality certification standard

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