Brand New Complete Caliper Assembly

100% New

Not used, rebuilt or remanufactured

CMX brake calipers are precision-engineered for OE-level performance and fit. They are crafted with 100% new materials and high-grade components, providing unbeatable corrosion resistance.


Engineered to Meet or Exceed OE Performance and Durability

FEA-optimized design provides top-tier strength, low drag and heat dissipation.

Superior Materials and Processes
Manufactured in an ISO/IATF 16949 certified factory using only 100% new, premium materials.

Ultimate Sealing Protection
Multi-seal system prevents brake fluid leaks and safeguards the braking system against dust and debris.

Precision OE-Match Design for Guaranteed Direct Fit

Exact Fit Technology
3D scanning and precision CNC shaping ensures a seamless direct fit of the original equipment.

Plug-and-Play Installation
Hassle-free experience with all hardware included where required.

Rigorous Testing Protocols

All calipers undergo real-world simulations, quality control, and pressure testing for optimal performance, reliability, and longevity.

Rust-Resistant Protection

Specialized zinc-plated protects against elements, ensuring longevity, efficiency, and aesthetics.

100% New

Manufactured Materials

Experience simplicity with our brand new calipers. Guaranteeing absence of wear, optimal braking efficiency and longevity.

Say Goodbye to Core Return

Save time and money with our brand-new no core CMX calipers.

  • Zinc-Plated

    provide superior corrosion protection.


  • High-Grade Rubber Seals

    provide heat resistance, sealing efficiency, and prolonged durability for a safer and reliable braking experience.


  • Brackets, Hardware, Pins and Bleeder Screws

    from premium materials are included where required.


  • Premium Silicone Lubrication

    provide smoother operation, extends lifespan, reduces friction and prevents squeaky braking.


  • High-Tensile Guide Pins

    provide increased strength, durability, and resistance to deformation, ensuring reliable and robust braking performance.


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