Your well-being first!

Transit is fully committed to the personal, professional and financial well-being of its employees.

Personal well-being

Financial well-being

Professional well-being

Your personal well-being

At Transit, we care about your happiness at work, your health, your spirits and your social life.

Sports allowance
    • Transit is committed to refund yearly up to 75% of the inscription cost to one or many sporting activities or physical training.
    • Up to a maximal refund of $150 per reference year, per employee.
Gym at the office (Head office)
  • A gym is accessible to our Levis’ employees, 24/7.
Corporate sporting activities organized by the Start-in committee
  • Group cycling, fit cardio, hockey tournaments in the warehouse… We have challenges for everyone.
Flexible working schedule
  • All departments are eligible except those required to provide continued service to external Transit customers.

Floating holidays, social holidays, annual vacation and more
  • Every employee gets a complete holiday bank. From vacations to parental leave, everything is there if you need to be absent.
Remote work
  • Remote work is a benefit that employees can take advantage of voluntarily.

  • Employees must work at Transit’s premises at least once a week, the same day, Wednesday.

A very active social club

There is a time to work, and a time to have fun! Our social club committee always pushes itself to make you smile.

  • Social club (with the participation of Transit).
  • Paid partys (one during the winter, the other during the summer).
  • A loft at Videotron Center.
  • Birthday lunch & surprises.
  • Celebrations (milestones, achievements, important events).
  • Transit sugar shack and farm.
  • Frequent draws all along the year.

Financial well-being

Inflation affects everyone. At Transit, we put in place economic levers to help you manage rising costs of living.

Car repair and maintenance at a bargain price
  • Employee discount on every car parts and accessories available at Transit.
  • Mechanic services at a special hourly rate of $49.
  • Large parking space specially reserved to our employee. Furthermore, public transport services nearby.
  • Charging station for electric cars.
  • Cube truck available for employees.
Simple but useful solutions for everyday's life
  • Ready to eat meals are available at our cafeteria.
  • Transit offers the possibility to use its shipping service at its advantageous rates for personal usage. Transit also accepts the use of it’s address for the reception of personal packages.
  • Free cardboard boxes are offered if needed.
Additional bonuses
  • A referral bonus is given for every recommended candidate that is employed. 
A well protected financial security
  • Annual salary increase on your hiring anniversary.
  • Free access to a financial advisor.
  • Group RRSP with employer participation, managed by Desjardins Sécurité financière.
  • Complete insurance plan (health insurance, long term salary insurance, medical insurance).
  • Holidays are paid, not worked.

Professional well being

We support your professional aspirations.

Your development, our commitment
  • Detailed training and integration plan upon hiring
  • Training and learning courses available. Various internal and external courses based on each employee needs.  
  • Internal advancement opportunities
A first class workplace
  • The warehouse and offices are air-conditioned, heated, bright, clean and quiet.
  • Free or affordable corporate clothing.
  • Modern space facilities, and even a festive corner for events.
  • 2 roof terraces.
  • A modern and spacious cafeteria with bar and beer pump available for certain activities.
  • State-of-the-art and safe equipment.

Want to know more about benefits? Ask our HR team.