Premium Brake Rotors & Drums

Brake with Confidence

 G3000 Cast Iron

Superior metallurgical alloys used to obtain the ideal tensile & hardness ratio for outstanding performance in high temperatures.

 Double Disc Ground Finish

Optimal surface finish to eliminate lateral run-out and thickness variation issues for a smooth pedal feel while braking.

Mill Balanced

Precision-tested to limit vibrations for quieter stopping and longer service life.

Vented Rotors

OE-style cooling vane configurations to maximize heat dissipation for reduced fade and extended performance of your entire braking system.

Meet IATF 16949 Quality Standard

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For over 25 Years,

mechanic shops across North America have installed Top Quality brake rotors on thousands of vehicles because they offer exceptional quality at a reasonable price. These dependable brake rotors have been engineered and improved to stand the test of time.

  • + 1,000 rotor numbers
  • 125 drum numbers
  • Available for most common cars, light trucks and SUVs on the road
  • Offer expands & adapts to market demand

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“Easy to install”

“Good resistance”

“Great quality/price ratio”

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What to Clean Brake Rotors With

Top Quality Brake Cleaner


The mechanic’s companion! A small amount goes a long way.

  • Pleasant scent
  • Fast drying
  • Leaves no residue
  • Made in Canada


Replace Rotors and Brake Pads Together

TEC Ceramic Brake Pads

Are an ideal match for Top Quality brake rotors. Improve your braking performance by replacing both your brake pads and rotors at the same time.

No Noise. No Dust. Not Vibration.


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