AmeriPro Pads

Not your average Brake Pads

Fike-New Braking for All Makes and Models

Application-specific semi-metallic and ceramic formulations match original equipment requirements.

Consistent Brake Pedal Feel

Manufactured using state of the art compact material process and technology to ensure even pressure over the pad surface for consistent braking throughout the entire pad life.

Eco-Friendly Braking

Formulas meet superior, Toxic-Free Chemistry Leafmark rating for absence of cadmium, chromium, lead, and asbestos. Low carbon footprint: Made in Canada for accelerated delivery.

Compliance OE
Noise Quiet
Stopping Power Superior
Durability Superior
Hardware included If necessary
Warranty 2 years

AmeriPRO Added Value

Slotted and chamfered like OE, abutment kits and lubricant included.

Noise Control

  • Anti-squeal slots and chamfers
  • Noise-abating insulators
  • Multilayered rubberized shims


  • First-rate heat resistance
  • Formulated to prevent brake fade

Superior Packaging

  • Individually wrapped brake pads and installation components

Full Hardware

  • Stainless-steel abutment kits and hardware included, where applicable
  • High-temp Silaramic© lubricant

* Included hardware varies by product number.