AmeriPlatinum Pads

World-Class Performances

Performance-Tuned for All Makes and Models

Application-optimized semi-metallic and ceramic formulas exceed original equipment requirements for enhanced braking performances.

Engineered to withstand thermal loads and prevent brake fade under all conditions.

Eco-Friendly Braking

Formulas meet superior, Toxic-Free Chemistry Leafmark rating for absence of cadmium, chromium, lead, and asbestos. Low carbon footprint: Made in Canada for accelerated delivery.

Compliance OE
Noise Quiet
Stopping Power Superior
Durability Superior
Hardware included Varies with application
Warranty 2 years
Certification(s) ISO 9001

AmeriPlatinum Advantage

Slotted and chamfered like OE, abutment kits and lubricant included.

Noise Control

  • Anti-squeal slots and chamfers
  • Noise-abating insulators
  • Multilayered rubberized shims


  • Unmatched braking control
  • First-rate heat resistance

Superior Packaging

  • Individually wrapped brake pads and installation components

All-Inclusive Hardware

  • Stainless-steel abutment and hardware
  • High-temp Silaramic© lubricant
  • Premium rubber boots
  • Draw back clips*
  • Caliper pins*
  • Caliper bolts*
  • Electronic wear sensors*

* Included with select applications