ABS Wiring Harness

ABS Wiring Harness

  • Manufactured with high-quality plastic resin to withstand high temperatures, vibration, moisture and harsh road and weather conditions
  • Grommets and wire clips included as per Original Equipment specs, to ensure proper mounting and routing within the car chassis
  • Durable outer sleeve protects wires from abrasion, kinking, and other types of damage, and prevents short circuits


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ABS Sensor Wiring Harnesses are vital components in the proper operation of the anti-lock brake system. They enable the driver to maintain control of the vehicle in an emergency braking situation by relaying data from the ABS sensor to the ABS computer. The computer then balances the speed of each wheel to prevent the brakes from locking up and avoid dangerous skidding situations. Mpulse ABS Sensor Wiring Harnesses are sold separately from the ABS sensors as a cost-effective solution to replace only the damaged harness rather than the entire assembly.